Attacking Roadblocks

One of the challenges I have to think through is my college education. I left school with only 7 classes to go, for me – a semester and a half or two really easy semesters as I averaged 5 classes, a lab and a full-time job (and occasional odd job) every semester.

So my options:

1. Finish my degree in Park Management & Environmental Science by cobbling it together via UCONN or Eastern
2. Change degree to BS in Organizational Leadership
3. Change degree to BA in Health Arts and Sciences
4. Get BA in General Studies from Charter Oak State College

Or bag it all and look into a writing program.


2 Responses

  1. Those sound like exciting options. The major you are close to finishing sounds cool. Org leadership is something I have a passion for. I always come alive when team orgs become the discussion point in a class. Writing is where my heart is. My degree is in accounting though. I have worked damn hard to get it. I have one final exam and a summer spanish class to get through. I will be putting it all to good use somehow. Follow your heart.

  2. Get the degree
    As someone who is a little older than you, and having to start all over, get the degree that will give you the most flexibility. From the looks of it, with what you currently do for a living, the BA in General Studies would probably be the best. OF course, this is also an opportunity for you to get documentation for a career change. Just my $.05 input.

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