Summer Clothes Wish List and a thought

I am looking for a collection of white (not cream nor ivory) tunics and tees.

Size 20 / 2X or 48″+ in bust or underarms area (if you shop online, like I do)

Cotton or no less than 70% cotton. Rayon (not 100%), linen, modal are all peachy too.

I mean, I am not opposed to adding to my hippie skirt collection but I am desperate for cute, funky and functional tops. And I am not opposed to colors – indigo or pale blue, rose, pale green, lavender, red, black but I need to have many more than my one white tunic (which is currently MIA).

Avenue # 1421781A
Avenue # 1391881A
Avenue # 1263607A
Avenue # 1255240A
Torrid – SKU: 559449
Torrid – SKU: 551637
Torrid – SKU: 548272

Old Navy – Scoop tees,

Hit WalHell and see if I can find any JMS sleeveless v-neck tees in non-neon colors, sigh. Plus peruse eBay for Indian Cotton Tunics/Kurtis.

Torrid – SKU: 502082
Torrid – SKU: 589540


This was actually Friday’s Daily Thought but I think it works for today’s mood and intentions.

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness. – James Thurber


Okay, my necklace has broken for the third time in a month. First lost my wedding ring (not under fridge – hope if fell in on the boxes). Now my triple moon pendant as fallen off 3 times. I’ve fixed and then replaced the chain 3 times. I think it may be time to retire the triple moon for something leafy or aquatic.


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  1. I like the Thurber quote. That’s a good one for me right now as well.

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