Back to Monday again

That vicious cycle of the week. It keeps coming back to Monday. That day, that even though Ryne was well rested, perky and dressed himself without a fight, we were still late out the door. He did refuse to do his homework from the weekend (write a sentence and draw a picture in his journal). I hope the teacher sends the journal back home.

I was up late doing some baking. Made the Pierogi Casserole and a cream cheese braid and then was too tired to eat it. So we know what’s for dinner.

Got the grocery shopping done. House is getting cleaner (mostly organization stuff).

Work is INSANE. The boss is driving me insane and I am tired of being understaffed. I am on vacation next week. It is going to SUCK coming back because I already feel like I am 2 weeks behind.


2 Responses

  1. EEEk!
    I hate feeling behind!
    I hope that your vacation is relaxing!
    Just tell Marc to HIRE ME. That would make it ALL BETTER!

  2. Sorry everything is hitting all at once. Have a wonderful vacation and try to unwind if you can!

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