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It’s almost the weekend.

A couple thoughts for today:

I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances. – Martha Washington

Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow. – Margaret Fuller


Meatballs were a success. 9 dozen made and nearly 8 dozen frozen. Angel Hair and meatballs where eaten with gusto. Although Ryne turned down buttered noodles, which was a bit weird. He’s been on a eat less cycle. It’s a bit concerning because he doesn’t carry a lot of weight and he never gained back what he lost when he was sick. I think this shopping trip will have to cater to him a bit. Not junk but stuff he likes – Clementines (he can peel himself), tortillas (burritos, quesadillas), sausage (gravy). He is on a mac & cheese kick, which is obvious from his skin. We’ll see if we can get some almond butter sandwiches eaten. He used to eat so many veggies and now it’s just potatoes and corn. If he doesn’t like how something looks forget it. But if he helps me cook, he’s more likely to try. We’ll keep experimenting. Maybe there is a new favorite food hiding in my summer veggie repertoire – Spinach Dip, Baba Ghanoush.


Found my phone, it was in the pocket of one of my hoodies. Battery dead. Decided to wear the hoodie today and slid my hands into the pockets, voila. I think my ring is under the fridge. That is the only place we haven’t looked. The chain broke in the hallway next to the kitchen and bathroom. Not in bathroom.


Mixers – I have been reading about Bosch mixers. Interesting, very popular in Europe. Challenge will be finding one with a stainless instead of a plastic bowl. And since I am looking at European mixers, there is also the Swedish Electrolux Assistent which has me going oooo, ahhhh more and more as a read reviews. Both are still rather pricey. Sigh….


Rob is not a fan on coffee cake or anything with crumbles. Maybe Chocolate Coffee Coffee Cake can change his mind. I mean he didn’t think he liked sour cream before he met me.


Grocery List ideas

Shredded Cheese
Angel Hair
Rice noodles
Frozen spinach
White Bread (for Rob)


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