New Day

Still can’t find my wedding ring. The chain it was on broke. And now I can’t find my cell phone. Jeeze Louise!

Rob did the dishes last night, what a trooper! I only asked for the big sauce pan. So we are all set for the meatball mania tonight. I hope I don’t get out of work too late.

I tweaked the big entry yesterday. Added more to my review, okay a non-review of The Nines and remembered a couple things I wanted to add to the meatball recipe.

I am feeling better, less achy. I know this is because the sun is out. Yippee. But didn’t sleep well. I know I had weird heart racing dreams but don’t remember a single one. Just that I’d wake up a bit crazed and then have trouble going back to sleep. So Melatonin before bedtime and see if that helps tonight.



Chicken Curry with Turmeric


Pesto plans are going to have to wait two weeks, my blender has up and disappeared. I can’t think of who I lent it to. So now I don’t have a stand mixer, a food processor nor a blender. Guess I am going to have to invest. Booger. Probably go the Target or Kohl’s route because as much as I want a KitchenAid Professional 600 and Vitamix, we aren’t forgoing 2 – 3 car payments.

Okay the stand mixer is just going to have to wait, because I don’t want anything else. But Oster Beehive Blender $60 is doable and a little 3 cup chopper, although Cuisinart has a couple Blender/Food Processor two in ones dealies. Have to look a bit closer. I don’t do polycarbonate blender jugs.

Anyone have an immersion blender, does it work for you? Love it or does it collect dust?

Oh yeah, I also still need a kitchen / postal / yarn scale.


No Stitch N’ Bitch tomorrow since I’ll be at the game. But I am of course bringing a project or two with me.


2 Responses

  1. You make me want to take up crochet again. Well, I have done a little knitting, but not enough to ever get out of the frustrating stage. I need to crochet though. Like I have time for that with everything else I fill my days with. Oh, and the Kitchenaid mixer … I always wanted one, never thought I’d get one. A few years ago, I found a store that had them refurbished. Mine is as good as new. I love it! Have you thought of looking for a refurbished model?

  2. Wow at least you can call a cell to find it…hope you find your ring soon! Have fun at the game! 🙂

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