Not much new…

Still playing with my brother’s round ripple afghan. I am loving it, in it’s current incarnation. Had to do a lot of frogging and restarting but I think I have it figured out. Will be making Ryne a black Spiderman round ripple and I have some ideas churning for a compass rose-esque one for me. Will get some new pictures soon.


We got the chest freezer into the kitchen and the kitchen table is in pieces to be transported to Jimmy’s (BIL). So we will hopefully get into the habit of eating at the big table in the dining room. Years and years of eating anywhere and everywhere is a tough habit to break.

Back to the chest freezer – I get to start batch cooking/baking again and have ice cubes. LOL


Since my last trip to the bookstore was a bust. They didn’t have anything I wanted in-stock. I went on eBay and bought a couple dozen paperbacks. Good chunks of series that I lost in the move. So anyone up to regular Book Barn trips this summer? Where I will dig to see if I can fill in some blanks.


Spring fever is rapping hard on my head. Oh my goodness. I just want to be able to plant. Going to see if I can borrow some yard tools this weekend from my dad to clean up yard (especially front). I need to find some bricks or cinder blocks and figure out what kinds of containers to scavenge. Ryne is more interested in flowers than veggies. What else is new?


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you are feeling better! Thanks for the link to the blanket! I’m going to make one for my son as a surprise!

  2. Oh, I’m up for a trip or two (and I still have $6 on my gift certficate).

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