Another cheeseburger in paradise…

Well, life has been interesting. M had to go back to the hospital. And no news on my friend K. She didn’t have a stroke, but things still seem very serious. Waiting for tests. Scary business. When it rains it pours.


I wanted to get a lot accomplished this weekend. I did quite a bit of pick up but no “real cleaning.” Shopping was done. But still need to get laundry, dishes and deep clean done. The place was making that slide into yuck. Thank goodness, it didn’t get horrible but was getting there. Two weeks of sick people just dropping crap where they finished with it. Ick.


Didn’t get chosen for the CSA lottery so it looks like Door to Door Organics starting next week unless I want to travel to East Lyme once a week. Will see if that CSA pans out.


Here is my bi-colored table. It, of course, isn’t empty anymore. It is covered with Ryne’s school papers, my book making supplies and stuff. I think they tried to refinish it or something. I don’t care. Works for me. LOVE IT!



Been in a serious craving for Arroz Con Leche – rice pudding. My tummy hasn’t been happy. I think after eating very well for weeks and then sliding back into the crap (or nothing at all) while sick just made my tummy not happy. I have to heal my gut. So back to the craving… my not happy tummy makes me think of my abuelita’s rice soup (Arroz con Leche / Sopa de Arroz) and rice pudding (Arroz con Dulce).

Her pudding was made with converted rice and evaporated milk, not the typical Puerto Rican style with coconut milk – although she made that too with coconut flakes and raisins but not when my mom or dad were around to eat (neither likes cooked fruit). I have to see if I can find a recipe without the converted rice. Probably not in any of my normal Puerto Rican sources – maybe Spain or Mexico.

It’s interesting to see what certain feelings bring up – thoughts of food. Interesting.


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  1. Your table is beautiful. I’m sorry you are still suffering the after affects of being sick both within and in your environment. When I feel blah I eat potato pancakes like my Mommy made me when I was little. I hope you find your inner balance again soon.

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