What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

I have been eating one meal a day (if I can choke it down) for about 2 weeks now. And want to ease back into eating breakfast, then we’ll work on getting up at 6:00 – 6:30 again for exercise. But eating first.

So what is your favorite smoothie recipe? No bananas please, they are only good naked.


2 Responses

  1. Cooked oatmeal (regular, not instant), yogurt, pecans, pineapple, milled flaxseed, scoop of vanilla protein powder, splash of milk, six ice cubes. Blend for a while, as the extra air creates more volume, but the calories don’t go up. The protein (powder and pecans) and complex carbs (oatmeal) will keep you full for a while, especially if you follow this up with a glass of water.
    Clean your blender container quickly, as the residue will turn into cement quickly.

  2. Men’s Health is a huge proponent of smoothies and has lots of recipes, smoothie and other. It’s worth poking around their website.

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