To Do List

1. Update measurements – especially finished blouse size & armhole opening.
I want to be in a good starting place for spring dresses – nothing in mind until mid-April. Plus it’s a good alternative to scale to see progress.

2. When MIL takes table – completely empty kitchen and scrub floor. I think it’s going to be a hands and knees deal. It’s just getting scuzzier and scuzzier. Mopping isn’t cutting it.

3. Visit IKEA – want ideas for craft supply storage.

4. Find/Buy large planters – kiddie garden – herb planters for Kitchen windows

5. Find someone to make an eye patch or two for me

6. Set up YMCA for auto-pay.

7. Laundry – and actually put it away to see if we need more storage space.

8. Easter Eggs & Egg Tree

9. Find interesting bootie, sweater, hat patterns – SIL’s baby due in June, plus 3 to 5 babies due this fall (so far)


2 Responses

  1. Easter Egg *tree*? Please enlighten me to this.

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