Still crashing at 8PM. Still have a sore throat. Still sound like a 3 pack a day smoker.

Haven’t been in the mood to read.

Haven’t been in the mood to cook.

Haven’t been in the mood to knit.

So not myself, but I am feeling a bit more human and watching a lot of DVDs – mostly TV series.

Still fiddling with that round ripple afghan. Will have better pictures soon, as I actually like this incarnation.

I must come up with an interesting knitting project. Rob’s scarf and Ryne’s hats aren’t cutting it. I want something that sucks me in as much as Clapotis did. It was fun and interesting. Maybe Bed of Roses or the wrap based on Mermaid Mesh Tunic, but I am waiting for my Addi Turbos. Plus I am waiting on yarn for either Rob’s Cobblestone or Henley Neck Down Pullover. Will probably get yarn for the other soon too.

I did make some little owls and I also made a couple mini notebooks. I didn’t get any pictures of the books before I sent them (Swap Bot), but have a feeling, they won’t be the last ones I make. I do miss playing with paper.


And I am loving my table. Room to spread out and play. I can type or glue or sew or cut or… Very happy.

Here it is in pieces. We have it together with the leaves in (no pictures uploaded yet). It’s not pretty but it works excellently for space and purpose. I want to get some excellently tacky oilcloth tablecloths for it.

Table Top

Table Base

And some other art because I miss playing with colors too…

Stain Glass Doodle


Oh… who uses one of the paper back swap sites? Which one do you like best? I have a dozen odd ball books I want to get rid of and see if I can fill in the blanks of books I am missing from my favorite series.


3 Responses

  1. The owls are adorable!
    I use, and (sister sites). Love them both!
    If you decide to join paperbackswap (or the other site), put me down as a referral and I can get a free credit. My email address is
    I’ve had nothing, but good experiences from both. It makes me very happy to get new dvds and books in the mail each week!

  2. i liked but then they started charging and stuff and it just wasn’t worth it for me anymore. so i switched to and love it.

  3. Sorry you’re still so sick. 😦 Those owls are really cute! 🙂

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