The sickness has come full circle.

Rob caught the crud. He, of course, won’t go to the doctors. Maybe after a couple of days with 102 temps.

What bites is he’s probably going to get his first written warning for pointing out when he calls out on Sunday and Monday.

I am still miserable. I haven’t had issues breathing in a long time. If I am not wheezing, I am stuffed up so full that … ugh. I just want to be able to sleep even if it’s cat naps.

The good news is Ryne is driving us crazy. He’s almost got his spunk back. Squirrely, rambunctious and full of verve.

I am trying very hard not to be a biatch. Tired, achey and barely breathing. I can’t believe I have an inhalor again, ick.


One Response

  1. Sorry that you can’t shake the ick. I’ve had a stomach bug for 2 weeks now…I’m so over it. Glad Ryne is feeling better.

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