Sick again… still?

Argh, I have a cold. A my head is heavier than my body cold. A my nose won’t stop for more than 30 minutes with cold medicine cold. I won’t tell you how much ginger/honey, chicken broth, green tea and OJ I’ve drank along with water. I am thirsty 24/7 to the point that I lost a pound in 2 days because I don’t have room to eat just drink drink drink. Got to remember my probiotics.

The wake was “nice.” Ben looked good. Like he’d just sit up and go home. Sigh… It’s so hard. There were so many people to catch up with, so many people to mourn with. It’s such a bittersweet time. Ish.

I am going to kill my BIL though. He paid for everything, I mean everything out of pocket. We are going to try to get him some cash to recoop his mortgage payment. He should have hit every one of the brothers and nephews. I hope people buck up and hand over some of the cash. He is too tender hearted. Gah.

The funeral is in a few hours. Gonna be yucky. Have to see if we can buy an umbrella or two on the way. It will be interesting trying to stay dry & warm.

Ryne is gonna stay with some of grandma’s friends. He was good at the wake but he got bored fast. He was a trooper, but you knew he didn’t want to be there.


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