Weird mood…

No news on funeral yet. But Rob has put in for bereavement leave and will have the rest of the week off.

Got 20 mins of yoga in this morning. Lunch was packed and remembered everything.

Ryne had a really rough time this morning and I know I was short tempered (which didn’t help situation). He decides at 8:00 that he is hungry… 30 minutes after I gave him two options for breakfast. He had a fruit bar in the van. Grrr… I know he is just stalling, he hasn’t been happy about going to school. I mean we almost had a tantrum this morning and Ryne is just not the tantrum type. I know I didn’t handle it best, but we were supposed to be out the door, not getting breakfast or fighting on shoes or whatever.

I don’t know if it’s because he likes doing his own thing at home or if he is having issues in the classroom. He says he doesn’t like the color changes. His classroom disciplines via color changes green to yellow to orange to red. Ryne has been yellow once. So I know it’s not his color changes, but the kids in his class. I sent a note to his teacher, we’ll see what she has to offer.

So I am all worked up and spinny. My mind is definitely not on work. Not really dwelling on Ryne, not really dwelling on Rob, not really dwelling on anything. I plain don’t want to be here. I want to be doing something active, strenuous, busy. Not at a desk. No idea how I am going to burn off the steam, so to speak, while I wait for the day to end.


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