As the snow blankets the earth in a pretty but treacherous pile o’ white, I am think of green things.

It may be because the drive to work was nasty. I am so glad I drove Rob’s car. I would have never made it up the hill in the van. The plows have done nothing. I am not talking the back roads which I expect to be in sad shape. I am talking Montauk Ave, Coogan Boulevard, heck even Bank Street – major roads in New London & Mystic. It was a yucky 45 mins to get to work.


A wonderful Squidoo Lens I have to share…

Quite a few of my favorite seamstresses and artisans are on it.


Note to self – hit Goodwill Looking for 2 sets of silver ware and a microwave safe bowl and plate. I am tired of the plastic/paper junk at the office.


To go along with yesterday’s blog on batch cooking and since menu planning goes hand in hand. I’ll share this:–043398


I think I want a dehydrator and have to convince Rob that I need a 3rd crock pot. A regular sized one, as opposed to my mega size and itty bitty. LOL


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