Bad Night

Didn’t get any sleep. I feel yucky, not sick but not well. I hit snooze so many times that my radio stopped coming back on. I must have dozed off because Ryne’s alarm woke me up. Uh oh, 30 minutes to get us both out the door.

We did it and did it in style, lol, but that meant no exersize and no yoga. You know the weird thing? I think my body is mad at me for not having the chance to “lube” itself. Just 3 weeks into my routine and I was getting used to it, craving it. This is good.

I need one good cardio workout before Sunday and I will consider this week a success. So with it be bellydancing tomorrow or Tae Bo on Saturday. We will see.

Since I was running late, I didn’t have oatmeal this morning. I just made a second almond butter and jelly sandwich and will eat it with my banana at my desk.


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