I should be doing dishes

or working on the round ripple afghan I started for my brother. Instead teh ‘nets has sucked me in… again.

Brunch was a success. My mom was actually out going, woohoo! And Ryne has a blast. Yummy food had by all. I also learned that steel cut oats reheat very very well. Will make it in 4 cup batches and eat it a few mornings a week. Yippee!

I got to do a gallery crawl with friends, including meeting up with two lovely ladies, I see way too infrequently, at Mr. G’s. Art, good food, good and new friends. Lovely way to end a day.

We are chillaxing this morning. Me with yoga and web browsing and Ryne with Psychonauts – his third or fourth time through the game.

We’ll do laundry when Rob gets home and everyone will get to bed early.


One Response

  1. dishes are overrated..lol
    Glad you came out with us, it was a blast!
    OoOoo… beeeeeed. *drools*…

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