Been totally out of it…

My CFS reared it’s ugly head on Wednesday, okay I felt it coming but it slammed me on Wednesday morning. I thought I was just going to sleep it off and be back in the groove on Thursday. Nope, a horrible no.

I was in bed until Saturday morning. Went to SnB, will laughingly say I “helped” Rob around the house and then went to bed early and stayed in bed until Tuesday. Ugh. I have not felt so bad, so tired yet revved, so achy, so full of sharp pain and throbbing, grinding ouchies. I just totally and completely sucked.

I neglected everything. My bread starter wasn’t tended properly. I am going to see if I can rescue one and start over. Will freeze next batch on day 1 so I can hand them off frozen and not have to worry about that.

I have not read any blogs. I was over 200 emails deep at work and personal – this isn’t SPAM, I mean honest to goodness emails that needed reading. Overwhelming. Taking the flex time, no way to make up time without putting myself back to bed.

No knitting or food to report because, I haven’t knit or cooked in days and days.


Speaking of food. Noticed something about myself… Interesting what a food journal does for you, lol.

I don’t binge eat when I am emotional or bored. No I binge eat when I am in pain. I think I did a decent job of curbing a lot of it. But a few devil dogs, rippled potato chips and lots of comfort food made their way past my lips.

I have not journaled food (SparkPeople) or excersized since Wednesday. Hope to get back on track today and tomorrow. I am supposed to start Stage 2 but going to hold off a week because I feel like I lost a week.


The good news is I weight 242 pounds that is 33 pounds less than I did the last time I was weighted late in the fall.


Other news. Ryne is six. His birthday was on Tuesday. We got to watch movies in bed together. He was home with a fever.


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  1. Ugh! Hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon. Congrats on the weight-loss!

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