It’s very interesting how much you “think” when you are being careful with food.

I’ve definitely gotten into some interesting habits. I wouldn’t say bad… but interesting. Way more processed food than I used to. Ramen noodles are definitely a favorite snack. I don’t think that will change but Hot Pockets aren’t welcome anymore.

And how much fun would it be to make my own burritos? Have you noticed how much the frozen ones have changed? Gotten more expensive and smaller. The tortillas are the challenge. Store bought are so much easier. But I used to make my own tortillas and naan.

I got out of so many habits while living with roommates and eating on the run with “the church.” Then eating cheap when first married and then parenthood & career. LOL, messes with things.

So I have to figure out something. I can grumble and say, “If I was a stay at home mom, I could…” but it’s so not true. I just don’t do well not working. So I have to figure out a balance of tasks, recharging time and most important… family time.

I wish I could get my act together and do more weekend batch cooking. Yes, a lack of freezer space is a major deterrent but there is just a lack of … drive? I don’t know. Lots of plans and lots of ideas, but when I get home I just don’t want to spend 30 – 45 minutes alone in the kitchen cooking while everyone is at the other end of the house. Eating late, often after 7. Then the clean up. Have I mentioned how much I abhor, despise, hate, great dislike doing dishes? So we end up eating out way too often, spending money on convenience foods and just snacking instead of eating as a family.

Interesting habits.


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  1. I’m the same way, and absolutely despise cooking most of the time because I’m missing out on time with people. We’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a massive batch cooking day, and splitting up what we make between us all. Sort of like a “My Girlfriend’s Kitchen” or “SuperSuppers” sort of thing, except with our own recipes/food in one of our kitchens.
    If you’re interested, I can talk to the others, and maybe we could actually get something rolling on this. I’ve been eating out waaaay too much lately, and really don’t want to start gaining back all the weight that I’ve managed to lose, so this is a good time to try to get this going, I think.

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