Ah… Monday

The weekend was pretty good despite sinus/migraine issues. I had to pare back a couple activities. I ended up skipping both the chant circle and Imbolc ritual.

Saturday was spend with Rob… first Rob and & I got up at 7ish and did Tae Bo, holy crap did it kick my ass. Rob did great. We are going to look for the resistance bands with weights for him. I think I’ll just do it by itself for a bit then move on to weights, we’ll see about resistance bands in the future.

Then SnB (yes he and Ryne usually tag along). After that brunch at Oh Boys and then vegging a bit on Kristie’s couch. I got Micah to try on his hat (fits great). Then a bit of shopping home, game playing (and crocheting finished Micah’s hat) & bed early-ish for everyone.

Sunday started out with Yoga (woo hoo) and breakfast at our local fave. Then I got my hair trimmed. I’ve decided to work on growing it out. Got a deep condition and my curls are happy. We then spent a bit more time vegging bit on Kristie’s couch (LOL). Then we did a junk food run and brought a bunch of crap to Mom & Dad’s to watch the game. Rob was devastated, mom was ecstatic and Ryne had a blast with Grandpa. I knit and ate and vegged.

So that was my weekend. Got up at 6:30 did Bellydance Core Conditioning (although I had to cut out a couple sections because it’s long). Changed my alarm to go off at 6:00. I want to get yoga in every day. Didn’t this morning because the length of the other workout.

We have also talked bikes and running/walking. LOL May end up like a former roommate and I. She’d run while I biked or roller blade.


Hey, I am just glad that he wants to work out too. A) motivation B) less likely to eat crap

So for now. Yoga = 7 days a week. Bellydance Core Conditioning = 2 days a week. Tracking my actual food consumption and setting small goals like packing lunch everyday.

Need to get a scale, I guess.


Head is still annoying me. I think my sinuses are going to be a problem this week. What can I cook spicy? Hmmm… neti pot back into morning routine too. Don’t want any antibiotics.


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  1. Hi again, I shouldn’t have wiped so many people off my LJ. I mean, I should have kept the good ones! How are you doing? And are you doing bellydancing now too?

    • I am getting into a fitness groove.
      Yeah, I am trying bellydancing out. At home at first and then I may attempt a local teacher who is part of a tribal group.
      I am trying to remember how to follow directions. LOL My body forgot what it was like to be in class (yoga and used to love step aerobics).

      • Yay, tribal is what I’m really into! I’ve been doing ATS for a while and it’s great. Gave my first performance a little while ago and it was scary but so right. Am going to Tribalondon this Saturday: http://www.tribalondon.co.uk/
        Bellydancing is great or fitness, I feel really toned up and that’s all I’m doing really, although quite a lot of it! Hope it goes well, and yes, I totally get the “remembering how to follow directions” thing!

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