I have a Blogger, a LJ and MySpace blog. Now I only maintain the LJ with any regularity because I love the Semagic client that I use.

I have given thought to moving one or all of them. I’ve been looking into find a way to feed one into the other two. Would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about cutting and pasting. My concern is pictures and links. I know MySpace and LJ handle them a bit differently. Sigh.

I’ve found a couple cool migration tools but nothing clear on feeds yet.

Check this out when able: (Can’t futz with it while at work)

Maybe I just need to learn how to syndicate a feed…

Honestly, I just want to be able to write it once and have it show up everywhere without too much tweaking.

Update I’ve found several clients that will post to both Blogger and LiveJournal, it’s the myspace that is the kicker. I can find widgets to add a RSS feed to my MySpace page but not to add it to the blog area. I don’t want this monster widget in my interest area. Ick. There is a MySpace Blog Editor for FoxFire but not cross compatible.


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  1. That would be awesome

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