More Cookies

Have parchment paper, must bake.

Homemade Do Si Dos
Three Andes Mint Cookies or Chocolate Andes Mint Cookies

What is your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe?
I have a jar (of crunchy) that must be use now.

Also note to self (for weekend’s grocery shopping) this goes with the list on the fridge already

Veggies for Curry
Veggies for Lentil Stew
Yeast (pizza dough)
Bread Flour & Canister
Butter – salted and unsalted

I think I want to make a chicken or pork pie…mmmmmm.


Someone needs to buy me this tee now. I just wish the Ringer Tees were available in plus sizes. And this for my van.


Yoga DVDs for Winter Hibernation Mode First I have to see if I can get serious with my 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan (an old stand by that I have gone back to again and again since my first copy in 1989) and then I will think about buying more DVDs. Although I rather like the idea of this one: Yoga in Bed because I feel like a complete noob again. It’s funny that I don’t mind being thick (other that the pain in the ass it is to find what I want to wear), I mind having lost my waist and the loss of flexibility that I have been feeling. So a regular yoga practice is an immediate must.


Speaking of Winter Hibernation… anyone hear this today? JanuFeb Too True!


Renewing my pagany-ness… Going to a chant circle on the 2nd. And bugged a friend to join her group for a Imbolc ritual on the 3rd. Her group is an interesting hodge podge of shamanism with a touch of celtic spirituality that works for me. One of the first groups that doesn’t rub me the wrong way. (Did the Samhain ritual with them).


And I’ve also been making finalized wish lists for seeds and my so far imaginary container garden. Anyone have a kiddie pool they want to get rid of. One of those plastic ones? Leaks are fine since I am going to put holes in the bottom anyway. I am thinking of trying squash and pumpkins this year.


Knitting or Foodie Question – LOL

Anyone have a scale I can borrow? I am frogging my Wyvern socks and redoing them ala Queen Kahuna and want to split my yarn into 2 balls.



4 Responses

  1. Fave peanut butter cookie recipe: buckeyes. Not a cookie per se, more of a confection. I think it goes like this:
    combine 16 oz peanut butter, 1 stick butter, 1 lb box confectioners sugar thoroughly. Roll into little balls, stick balls in fridge. Melt chocolate chips. (most recipes recommend a bit of parrafin wax in the chocolate, I find that icky and they come out just a smudge “melt in your hands” without but bearable) Dip peanut butter balls in chocolate, leaving just a little circle bare (hence the buckeye). Put on wax or parchment paper to cool.
    There was a chicken/pork pie that I had at an SCA event once. I’m pretty sure it was just shredded chicken and pork meat with spices.

  2. i have a cheapo kitchen scale that i use for that that i can bring with me on saturday, if you’d like.

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