Is it the weekend yet?

I was alone in the office for almost 3 hours. Was kinda pleasant. Get here at 8:30 and scooting at 5:30 getting an extra hour in toward the few days I missed last week. Going to use personal time for Monday and put those 2.5 hours toward the other mess.

Thankfully the influx of information has slowed a bit. Especially since my best intern started school this week and back to much reduced hours. Phooey. Will have to go through the resumes again and see if I can find anyone (or three) interesting to call for interviews. The last interviews were sad, really sad.

Speaking of resumes, there is a full time position open – in data management. Here is the ad on Craigslist. They are really looking for a self starter. 30-35K to start. If you want to send in your resume – send to


Tired and just sorta achy. Not, oh I feel like crap. More like, I better get more sleep before I start feeling like crap. Need chocolate and caffeine to get through day. LOL


Watched Stardust last night. Enjoyed it immensely. Gonna have to buy it because it’s something I can watch more than once. Have to read the novel. I want to read Coraline also by Neil Gaiman.


2 Responses

  1. we LOVED stardust too. it was a great movie.

  2. i loved stardust as well.

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