I know I’ve been very quiet / sporadic lately

Dealing with chronic sinusitis and just general fatigue, which puts me on the blah side of things, not depressed just not up and definitely moving at a snails pace. Lots of time staring off into space with nothing on my mind.

We haven’t had a good freeze around here in a while and I feel like my spring allergies have started early. Ick.

Been doing a bit of cooking but nothing exciting enough to post. And have no amazing books to report.

Knitting is sporadic too. I’ve put very little time into it. Been going to bed early so no movie watching to give me 90 – 180 minute blocks of knitting. But I did finish Ryne’s scarf. He loves it, I am surprised he doesn’t wear it in the house.

Ryne's Green Scarf

I convinced him, he wanted green fringe (or pointies as he calls it) instead of purple since the only purple I could use is the purple and pink from Clapotis.

I will have a bit less than a skein left over plus whatever is left from Quant so I will probably make myself a “uber” Pithy to deal with my curls which are growing back since I can’t make up my mind.

Bought parchment paper so cookie pictures should be coming soon.

And I have a handmade gift swap coming up, so making another set of crocheted eggs, since they are fun and easy. And my partner is a foodie.

Still need to make myself brussel sprouts, since no one else at home will eat them. This weekend is a “big” grocery trip so will remedy that situation.


Ryne turns 6 in 3 weeks. Which has me feeling a bit itchy. He’s growing up so fast.

We probably aren’t having a party, per se. He just wants to have a couple friends over. I am just not sure if I want to mix Javen and Aaron. Yikes. Rob would definitely have to be home and I will have to warn the neighbors, LOL, because 5 rowdy boys is a far cry from my one. Then do cake & ice cream in the afternoon with the folks.


Trying not to feel old. The aches are annoying but not wobble worthy. Just need to keep sleeping and hope the weather turns really wintry (even if this weather is really really nice on the oil bill).


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