GEMINI (May 21-June 20): As I approached a pick-up truck from behind while out driving my car, I saw an unlikely bumper sticker. It said “Surf Colorado.” But Colorado is a landlocked place, I thought to myself, more than a thousand miles from the ocean. At the next red light, I got closer to the truck and was able to read the fine print: “In your river kayak, you don’t need an ocean to catch a wave.” What a perfect message to convey to my Gemini readers, I mused, and resolved to write it into this horoscope. In fact, you are currently in a phase when you don’t need an ocean to surf. Nor, for that matter, do you need a plane in order to fly, a soulmate to achieve romantic rapture, or money to be rich. Your imaginative powers are peaking at the same time as your resourcefulness.


LOL, how true! I have been having brain storms left and right.

Making Ryne’s bed into a daybed and saying screw it to trying afford a “good” couch right now.

Making a few hypertufa planters using 30 – 50 gallon totes and an under the bed tote (for lettuce and herbs) for my “garden”

Making two desks. Had this idea and then found it on Instructables… will make with our own spin. Thinking of using counter top instead of door and must have a couple drawers.



No “story” brain storms. Which sucks now that I have a laptop to utilize. Phoowey.


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