Another Snow Day

And of course I still don’t have any shoes besides Crocs and dress boots that fit. So my socks and toes were wet and cold for a while, ick!

Rob is home with Ryne. Lucky guys. Sounds like Rob is organizing the DVDs. A good activity but the dishes would be even better. LOL If he does the dishes maybe I will pick up parchment paper on the way home to make cookies. (hint hint)

Was going to SnB at Bean & Leaf tonight but I think I am going to skip it for an earlier bed time and chance to do some meal planning with my freezer/pantry.

Took the opportunity to reconnect with a friend I hadn’t seen before the holidays. It was lovely.

And my godmother is 71 this year. WOW!!!! She will be spending the month of February skiing in OR and ID. She is 71 going on 25. Must make a better effort of hanging out with her. I want Ryne to know her.


One Response

  1. I totally wore my crocs today too! Waterproof, and yet… huge gaping holes. Hmmm…

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