I’ve crawled out from under the stone I was hiding under.

Just to let you know how sick I’ve been…

I knit for the first time (since Saturday) while standing in line for tea this morning. And my hands are letting me know they don’t like it.

It was some sort of crud – sinus, chest, throat. It was all bad. Sleeping 12 – 16 hours a day until Wednesday.

My boss has convinced me to suck it up and work 9 – 10 hours a day to unbury myself. LOL He was so funny about it. “I’m not saying how you should schedule your life.” Nah dude, if I didn’t like this job so much (and some of the unburying is actually favorite parts of my job) I’d say screw it, use my personal days and whistle to the bank. But I am going to be a good doobie and work, work, work. I am glad that most of the time, when I walk out the door, work is gone, done, in another box.

So no progress on Clapotis, but I did get a new picture up of Ryne’s scarf on Ravel and it can be found on Flickr too. It’s only about a foot and a half long but loving it.

I had a – Can I do that? knitting moment. I’ve been eying the Mermaid Mesh Tunic for a while, nice summer sweater that I don’t have to fiddle with. But I was thinking what an awesome wrap it would make. Just start the back and keep going until I got sick of it.

Speaking of Clapotis – here is the rockin’ Excel Checklist that I have been using and loving. http://www.somebunnyslove.com/files/ClapotisChecklist.xls


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