I am really in the mood for peanut buttery thai chicken all of a sudden. I can tell it’s one of those cravings that is going to linger until I deal with it. I don’t think we have any chicken breasts since I prefer thighs for most chicken cooking. Hmmmm. Have everything else I need including skewers. Sunday dinner?

Maybe we’ll do pizza or calzones tomorrow. I haven’t christened the new pizza stone and I haven’t made bread dough in FOREVER.

LOL, I am not even hungry. This is too funny.


3 Responses

  1. oh no odd cravings…. could we be in trouble

    • Very funny. Oh so very funny.
      You have got to stop kidding about that before we are cursed or something.

      • first off it is not an odd craving for you, now is it…
        and second I don’t think another mini me would be a curse so there.
        Ab=nd humor is my way of dealing with things so too bad, deal with it

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