OMFG It’s Cold!

Six degrees, who the heck wants to go out in six degree weather when the wind is high and ripping through all your layers and chilling your bones. 

Fey (the van) actually hesitated when she started this morning and she never hesitates.  She didn’t fully warm up until I got to Mystic.  But I grabbed cocoa from Timmy Ho’s so I was happy.

Thank goodness we still have a 1/4 tank of oil.  I am sorta amazed, we’d filled it twice by this point last year.  I think the folks downstairs have the place on broil.  Fine by me, the floors are pretty yummy most mornings.  I got a half tank of oil this morning and am hoping it will last to the end of the month.

Oh there are some new pictures in my flickr if you want to wander over.


One Response

  1. jack daniels coffee doesn’t sounds very appealing….and i LOOOOOOVE jack.
    and where in the heck did whomever FIND such a thing?

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