Another of my yarn coop lists is closing.


Some people can’t live and let live. I mean I understand to some extent that brick and mortor stores feel threatened by internet sales. But many of the people that buy through these sales/coops aren’t near a local yarn shop. And personally, I am more likely to drop $50 – $100 on yarn if I can choose any color from a full inventory instead of a handful of colors from a store’s bin.

So no Malabrigo for me this time.

Will have to see if I can find some Oceanos, Curacao, Amoroso or Velvet Grapes on eBay.

Pout, pout, pout.

Good side is, I have a bit of fundage in PayPal (refund) which I am promptly spending. LOL


4 Responses

  1. Explain these yarn co-ops to me, please?
    I so want to get started with “natural fibers” instead of these poly blends I can find locally.

    • Okay. There are buying groups that form on say LiveJournal, MotheringDotCommune or Yahoo Groups that get together to buy minimum orders from yarn manufacturers or distributors. Say someone is interested in 100% Pure Wool http://www.100purewool.com and they require 500 skeins of wool to be ordered to get the full discount.
      So the owner of the yarn sale group organizes everyones orders and places the order then ships out the order when they receive it from the manufacturer. You usually save $2-$3 dollars a skein which adds up once you start ordering 5 or more skeins of yarn. I tend to save my pennies and buy 10 – 20 skeins at a time.
      There are a few manufacturers that welcome co-ops with open arms and some that allow pressure to kill co-ops / group sales.

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