Back at work this morning

I worked from home yesterday while Ryne had his first snow day. Did tour dates, have I mentioned how unbelievably boring that job is? LOL But I got my hours in. Only have 24 more hours of tour dates to do, to make up for time off and short days.

I get to drive Rob’s car today. A) have to pick up registration at car dealer B) doubt van would have made it up bossman’s driveway. It has a hill that my van does not like when it’s snowy. The car is so peppy and cute, compared to the minivan.

A bit pissed, my Yahoo Video list shrunk, 66 songs are missing. Crap. I hope it’s a quirk and not permanent, otherwise, I’ll have to recreate it. Maybe I’ll do it in 25 song chunks. Crapola.

Office holiday party occurred last night despite weather. Was really nice. Had the Stonington Harbor Yacht Club to ourselves. LOL They set up this swanky pasta bar. The chef had a couple kinds of cooked pasta to choose from and then there were all sorts of yummy bits to add to the pasta. Fennel, shrimp, chicken sausage, vodka sauce, pesto to just name a few. I had a lovely Sherry, should have asked what kind it was. It was smokier, spicier than my normal Bristol Cream. Yummy. I also had a Chocolate Toffee fudgy desert thingy, yum yum. To top off the night, I received a lovely note and bonus. Was a good night all around. Had fun at my end of the table and the group wasn’t so big that we couldn’t participate in conversations at the other end. My office mates got to see me semi dressed up. Eh.


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