I know I’ve been quiet lately.

Been dealing with monster headaches and just general blahs, so not doing much writing. I have a ton of pictures I still need to get up…


I’ve given up on finding after school care until the New Year. Ryne wants to do the Y’s program… so that will start after his holiday recess (and my vacation).

So until then, I get out of work at 2:15 and pick him up at 2:44. And I get to do tour dates from home (my least favorite thing to do) but it works for everyone in the end.


Still working on a scarf for my CATW partner – so so yummy. I am going to wrap all the little prezzies and hopefully pop the scarf in and send it off Saturday or Monday. Then all of my swaps are done, done, done. Well until Jan 20th unless I get booted for not having enough ratings.

I am still waiting on a few swaps. Hmmm…


More later, computer starting to act weird.


One Response

  1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having headaches. Hopefully they’ll fade soon.
    It’s nice that you have the ability of working from home, even if it kind of sucks to have to do that. Good luck with the search for after-school care!

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