I need a nap

Yes I know, it’s not even 9 yet (when I am started this entry).

I’ve been sleeping like crap. Bought some Hyland’s Calm Forte. I’ll see if that helps me tonight.

And it was a crazy Monday morning. By the time I got Ryne out the door, well I am just grateful he wasn’t late and it wasn’t his fault. Completely mine.

I didn’t get to the PO to drop off or pick up packages.

My wallet wasn’t in my purse, so not only don’t I have my license on me, I didn’t have cash for coffee or for lunch today. And I really wanted some caffeine and an Odwalla C Monster.

So blah, blah, blah.

Then I get here and my email is not working. It’s doesn’t seem to be the server because A) the site is up and B) I can connect with our internet email interface, just can’t Outlook to connect. Of course, IT won’t be here for a couple hours so I have to deal with Monday morning without all my rules and SPAM/Junk Mail lists. Just got call from Bossman, email is down because we are getting a new internet interface, joy joy.

I only have to make it until 2. Then I go home, show Stephen (my brother) where the bus stop is and then either A) crash or B) get a second wind and hit the aforementioned post office.


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