I am doing a trial for Trillian Pro (a all in one instant messaging program). I really like it. I have used Trillian Basic for years and think I am going to take the plunge and pay for a subscription.


Have a funny feeling that we are going to be down at least 2 people again today. Which makes for a slightly manic boss man and a bored me. Since both of them aren’t really in my department, it doesn’t effect me besides being alone in the office until my folks show up and having to deal with phones alone. eh


I am inches away from finishing the swap scarf. I could have pushed myself but I knew I needed to get to bed. There is obviously something going around office and I want to be best equipped to fight it or deal with it. Ya know?

So will finish it tonight and block it. Fringe it tomorrow and mail it on Saturday, along with MBOY. SP11 and Happy Fruit will have to wait until Monday morning. Shopping and crafting this weekend. I can probably get the fruit done on Saturday morning minus stuffing. It’s gonna be cute. Probably need to make 2 so Ryne can have one too…

Then I have a week for the tea swap, which I am pretty much set on. Knitting done, just shopping.

CATW has knitting, but shopping is done. I have 3 weeks.

This round will be done. Nothing until late January and it has nothing to do with knitting or yarn. One swap every 3 weeks is going to be my limit. SP (if there is another one) and MBOY don’t count. But no more overlapping. I now know my limits and want to have fun, not stress. Rob is right, no point in getting nutty about them.


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