LOL, it’s Monday. It’s also going to be an interesting few weeks as I figure out Ryne’s after school situation. MIL went to Phoenix for a week to visit SIL and decided to stay a month longer. Honestly, I have a feeling that she isn’t coming back. It might be good for her. Then K, my normal back up, well actually her husband’s schedule has changed. So she doesn’t have a vehicle to pick up Ryne. Let alone deal with her own daily vehicle needs.

I have a lot of flexibility thanks to my job, but I really need to figure something out before the new year. Currently, I am going to have to leave at 2:15 every day to pick up Ryne.

I haven’t decided if I am going to A) bring Ryne back with me B) wait for Rob to come home at 4 and come back to office making up time Or C) work Sundays to make up the 8 – 9 hours I’d be short if I didn’t come back. Most likely it will be a combination of all three as I take my lead from the work on my plate on any given day.


Enough of that, it will work out, it always does. Black Friday treated Rob and I well. We now have 2 laptops, a portable hard drive for music and noise canceling earphones. There was a pile of movies and games too. And yes, he grabbed his reserved copy of Rock Band on Tuesday. And is loving the drum kit. So is Ryne.


Can you say broke? Not scary how we are going to make it broke, but I am mad at how far into savings I’ve dipped broke. At least there is a bit of savings left. LOL

I think Christmas for our household is done. Okay, okay, I have ideas for little silly things for both of my guys.


Must go grocery shopping. Nothing remotely fresh in the house. No milk, no eggs, no bread, no baby carrots. It’s bad.


Sorry, I am having the worse luck taking a picture of I2. Between the case of the disappearing camera or being too dark when I have it in hand. Well this week, this week.


The swap scarf is almost done, knitting tonight I hope and blocking this week so I can mail on Saturday. I can’t wait to take pictures. I really really want to but being secret… LOL

I also MUST pull out my yarn tubs and get a couple packages out in the mail tomorrow. Maybe Rob will help me. .


Anyone interested in Make We Joy? I am thinking the 4 o’clock one.

A Community Celebration of the Winter Solstice
Connecticut College, Harkness Chapel
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT
4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
A celebration of life’s triumph over darkness and death, “Make We Joy”, with music, dance and drama, has delighted generations from all over New England since 1981. Community talents from many backgrounds and cultures fuse to create an entertaining and unique seasonal event enjoyed by all ages. Throughout the world, people have gathered to celebrate the presence of light and hope, and this spiritual recognition of the returning light persists in the traditions of all the world’s cultures. The performances are free, though donations at the door are gratefully accepted. Seating is limited, so plan to arrive early, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Info: (860) 439-2450


I’ve also been in the mood for a show… Max Creek, Rusted Root, etc. Have to see if anyone (or their side projects) are going to be less than an hour from here.


I’ll be on vacation the week of Dec 24th. Let’s hang out… play date? Coffee? Wine?


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