Half day today

If the weather isn’t too nasty, I’ll get a picture of Imp Squared, fondly called I2.


I have a lovely list of things to do today, mostly get all my packages ready for mailing. Hitting the yarn shop and finding a coffee mug.


Then we hope to get to a friend’s house who has, not one but, 2 dressers for us. Yippee.

That should do a lot to clean out a corner of my office, then we can freecycle the magazines.

After Christmas, we are moving the table from the kitchen to the office/dining room. Thus giving us room for a small chest freezer in the kitchen. I also think this is a more effecient use of space. I may see if there is room for a little 2 seater in the kitchen to use of counter area and quick eating. We may replace the kitchen table with something bigger – sit 6 to 10.

If anyone is interested in a four seater glass top table, let me know. You can’t have my chairs, they are a freecycle miracle find and they are mine.


Rob is working 5 – 1 and Mom is working 4 – 12, we are hitting the buffet at 1ish to accommodate everyone. We may have some place to go in the evening to hang out.

So no cooking for me. Boo Oh well, will just to have to make some fantastic harvest meals in the next couple weeks to get it out of my system.


Debating about what to do with my hair. All it does is stand up straight on end no matter what I do. It’s in one of those “between” stages. Ugh

I can:

A) cut it really short so it will grow all one length
B) leave it be and cover it with hats and kercheifs while it grows out more
c) dye it (covering my bits of grey) and let it grow out more


Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember: It’s not about having what you want. It’s about wanting what you have.


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