Swap Update

This is mainly for me so that I don’t forget and become one of those swap flakes…

1. Secret Pal 11 Aug. 15 thru Nov. 30 (Oct. Package)
2. My Favorite Book Ship by Oct. 29
3. Autumn Swap Ship by Nov. 9
4. Caffeine Swap Round II Ship by Nov. 20th
5. Secret Pal 11 Ship by Nov. 30 (Nov. Package)
6. November “From Your Stash” MBOY Moderate & ship by Nov. 30
7. Ravelry Scarf Exchange Ship by Dec. 1 (scarf almost 50% done)
8. Happy Fruit Ship by Dec. 2
9. Nifty Tea Swap Ship by Dec. 12
10. Christmas Around the World Ship by Dec. 22 (stalking partner for ideas)

Caffeine Addicts Guidelines

  • Packages should have a value of $40 (not including postage). Please try to stay as close to this value as possible. Try to spend around $20 on yarn. The rest of the package should contain tea or coffee, a mug, and other goodies.
  • Include a card/postcard/note to reveal your identity.
  • This is an international swap. Please mark your packages “gift” if appropriate.
  • Have fun!

The coffee & goodies are easy, the mug is going to be interesting. She doesn’t like overly large ones. Will be mug shopping this weekend. Something “classic” or really unusual. Hmmmmmmmm
Also need to finish up SP11 package this weekend too. Get it all done with, so I can mail everything on Monday or Tuesday and not worry about the holiday weekend – concentrate on Scarf, Fruit and Tea Swap knitting/crafting.


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