Got out of work early. Took some flex time too so I am not going to make it up so there. 😛

Rob and I went to lunch at this cute place downtown called Lucca Wine Bar, sorta a hole in the wall yet high brow place. Lovely food. Definitely going again, would like to see what it’s like on a busy day.

Then we went and had our first Parent / Teacher conference. The new report card they have this year reported on 78 items. Ryne did amazingly well lots of 3s which is at or above. No 4 but the teacher said they didn’t give any 4s, that is for the kindergartener that reads on a 2nd grade level. Not Ryne. The only ones he received were interesting.

1. Using calendar. Okay can see that, we really don’t have a calendar at the house so gonna fix that.
2. Constructs graphs. That was a bit weird because he often plays with patterns and that was what he was supposed to do line up all the green bears, with the green, yellow with the yellow and so on, yet he got a 3 for extending pattens. No worries there.
3. Writes or presents written products. Which means he doesn’t write something and say look at what I wrote, but the kid has been known to write sentences like I love mommy. No worries there either.
4. Knows home address. Definitely working on that. He has his name, our names and most of his phone number down because we were on that after Katrina, so we’ll boost that one.

Now here was the kicker:

5. Recognizes traditions.

Huh… Okay, can see that. We don’t do anything special for birthdays. We will probably do a party this year for the first time.

We also don’t have cable so no commercials, no holiday specials.

Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Again we haven’t done all that much for the last few years, between finances, work schedules and just blaseness. Mostly just go to one of Rob’s relative’s place and eat.

I mean, my folks were not / are not the holiday types. I remember some holiday meals with my mother’s side of the family when they lived closer.

Heck, my parents didn’t even wrap Christmas presents. They did do stockings though. I remember getting nuts, tangerines and a couple books in my stockings until I was 12 or so when I was considered too old for Christmas.

So we are going to make our own traditions, since Rob’s up-bringing was just as non-traditionalized.

I’d love to find some children’s books on holiday/festival lore from around the world.

Spring Equinox Baskets and egg dyeing
Harvest Suppers in Oct and Nov
A new unique Yule/Christmas ornament each year (maybe we’ll actually have a tree this year)
Handmade Yule/Christmas gifts and decorations

and so on…


One Response

  1. you need to buy the Rankin Bass holiday set. It’s a must for any holiday traditions- even though it has the crap Frosty the snowman (instead of the one with mrs snowman lady.
    I don’t have much of a *tradition* with my kids either. No tree for the past 3 years, in fact. Last year i made them *win* their presents… that was fun! (ok, it’s now a tradition…but, not traditional)
    Good for Ryne for a good report card! Give him a big hug for me!

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