A comedy of errors

Sigh, I got up early to get a swap together (yes I am hosting a swap) and instead of shipping out the partners this morning I hear the Imp giving Rob issues.

So on Rob’s day off, I have to roust Ryne out of bed early,, stuff him into his uniform, toss him into the van, drive Rob to work (overtime) with a pit stop at DnD’s for 8 hot chocolates and a sprinkled donut. Rob brings in the cocoas and I turn back around while Ryne is munching on his donut and drive back to New London to drop Ryne off at school. Since I am running early, I go to the Waterford Starbucks to see if they have the shortbread latte, nope.

I got to work early and sent out the matches while my email came in and sorted itself out (I love Outlook email rules).

I have a half day tomorrow. Rob and I are going car shopping. Probably hit Lorensen’s in Old Saybrook and maybe Charles in Norwich. The goal is to replace the Imp as quickly as possible with a car payment we can afford.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry the Imp is giving you grief…but enjoy your 1/2 day out and about!

  2. I had an experience with Charles Toyota – we bought my used Toyota from them, and they actually lied to us about significant issues. We found out after we bought the car that it had been in three accidents, and there was lasting damage that would impact if we ever wanted to trade or sell the car. (It runs fine, but there are repairs that I can’t have made, because the frame is bent funny from one of the accidents.)

    • We ended up at Valenti in Westerly. They had exactly what we wanted on the lot, well he wanted blue but seems destined for another red car. LOL

      • Glad to hear you found what you wanted! :0) (And it bears out what I’ve been saying for awhile. Look in other states for your cars, CT dealers suck. ::lol::)

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