A comedy of errors

Sigh, I got up early to get a swap together (yes I am hosting a swap) and instead of shipping out the partners this morning I hear the Imp giving Rob issues.

So on Rob’s day off, I have to roust Ryne out of bed early,, stuff him into his uniform, toss him into the van, drive Rob to work (overtime) with a pit stop at DnD’s for 8 hot chocolates and a sprinkled donut. Rob brings in the cocoas and I turn back around while Ryne is munching on his donut and drive back to New London to drop Ryne off at school. Since I am running early, I go to the Waterford Starbucks to see if they have the shortbread latte, nope.

I got to work early and sent out the matches while my email came in and sorted itself out (I love Outlook email rules).

I have a half day tomorrow. Rob and I are going car shopping. Probably hit Lorensen’s in Old Saybrook and maybe Charles in Norwich. The goal is to replace the Imp as quickly as possible with a car payment we can afford.


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