Another day

Went home from work early yesterday. Fell asleep rather quickly and slept from about 3 – 10. Course I woke up hungry and awake. Never really got back to sleep but stayed in bed, dozing, cuddling pillows and relaxing. Should be interesting to see how well I make it through today at work. I have to make it until 4:30 because this is payroll week. As long as I keep eating and get up to walk around regularly I should be okay. I didn’t get up achey and foggy so I have hope.

Weekend should be semi-lazy. Besides Stitch n’ Bitch, I only plan on puttering around the house. Getting what “cleaning” I feel like I can do. Rob seems to be getting into a domestic mood so I will try to keep up with him and do my “things” – bathroom, floors and organizing.

Also going to see about getting back on melatonin to see if I can get my sleep cycle back on track, not sure of dosage yet – may work back up to 5mg. Gonna add fish oil to Ryne’s and my routine as well.


Today is picture day for Ryne.


Apartment downstairs is still empty with the nights getting down into the 20s, I am getting concerned about frozen pipes. The joys of lazy landlords. They haven’t been by in almost a year, when the furnace was on the fritz. I doubt the apartment has ever gone into the paper, empty for at least 4 months now. Nice to know they don’t need the money.


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