Already blew NaBloPoMo

Yeah I know it was completely unofficial but still… Oh well.

This weekend was interesting.

Saturday was typical, with time at Bean & Leaf. Ryne made a new friend. I’d seen him before, he’s definitely a regular and I am sure he lives very near by. But he was wonderful, keeping Ryne entertained. Firm but gentle. A man very comfortable with children. They played PSP together and Ryne “helped” him with this crossword puzzle. Ryne has that effect on people. Ya gotta love the kid.

I sat and knit alone for a bit as surreal_rebirth has the plague. Didn’t even recognize her on the phone, when I called to check up on her. But K & J our newest members showed up later and I taught them how to purl. K is a natural. Amazingly even stitches. Took to continental knitting like a pro. J is a typical newbie with the interesting things happening to her that happens to us all. She is very good at making new stitches.

After SnB, Ryne & I went to Borders. I got the latest LKH book, but I haven’t started it yet. A bit weird, that. Grabbed a couple other books too. But couldn’t find The Continuum Concept, so had to go on when I got home, which prompted my purchasing a couple other books. I haven’t spent this much on reading material in a while. It was actually kinda nice, refreshing.

When Rob got home we went shopping. Spent way too much at WalHell and ToysRUs.

So Sunday dawned bright, thanks to Daylight Savings. I set all the clocks back and Ryne plopped himself in front of the xbox 360 with the new Simpson’s game. And stayed there most of the day.

I took the chance to read while baking the aches and pains out of my legs, hips and knees under all the blankets I could find. I have been on the border of a flair for a while. Either that or I am in the middle of a prolonged mini-flare. So I am cranky and tired and achey, but not have trouble moving, just been in a state of ick too long.

Rob hasn’t been sleeping well. I will have to make sure he takes his allergy pill when I get home from work. I think that will help. I wonder how long it take for him to get his CPAP machine.

Thanks to all that fatigue and blahness, we had a humdinger of a fight last night. Both accusing the other of being lazy slobs. Well duh, we are both lazy slobs and fully aware of it. The sleep deprivation caused us both be rather nasty, I actually told him to f*** himself in front of Ryne. We went to our corners, gathered laundry and hit the laundromat and Goodwill (he found 2 awesome sports coats and a bit of this and that – spent less that $20 on an Italian and Israeli menswear, a complete school outfit for Ryne and 2 pairs of pants for me and bit of this and that in there too). It was very pleasant, Rob got to watch “THE” game and we go all the laundry done.

We let the subject rest until we were driving home. apologized to each other and all is good. Our tempers are very similar quick to defuse and we can easily talk things through once the “spleen” is gone.

I’ve written less than 100 words on my novel. Not a good start but it’s a start.


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  1. This is probably a dumb question, but what is “NaBloPoMo?” Is this a play on NaNoWriMo?
    I had to work an extra for Daylight Savings… oh joy 🙂

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