Home with a sick headache. Ick. Been behind my eyes for the last three days and when I rose to get up this morning, I knew it wasn’t going to stay a nagging twinge. Pow, ouch. Straight to my poor tummy. So back to bed for several more hours.

Feeling sorta better, but will probably take a book with me back to bed soon. Eh.

Trick of treating brought home a huge stash. Ryne was so pooped.

First we hit Mall-o-ween. We got there early and avoided the bulk of the crowd that came in as we were leaving.

Then we stopped by Kristie’s and traveled with her and Tina’s brood for a little while, until Ryne’s legs gave out.

Finally we stopped at Bean & Leaf. Got there while it was quiet, grabbed a couple paninis and enjoyed them as the costumed paraders trickled in. Ryne made a bunch of friends (mostly adults) as he danced to the DJ’s tunes. We got home a bit after 8 and everyone went to bed, falling asleep promptly.

Good evening had by all. Pictures will follow. They are uploaded just don’t have the energy to format an entry. Click on Flickr to see himself in his pirate regalia.


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great night!

    • PS: Hope you feel better. I am sick myself. Have a horrible cough — making my chest ache from so much coughing, as well as a headache. Ick. Back to bed with me.
      Of course this happens on my days off, you see 😉

  2. Sucks that you aren’t feeling well…
    It was good to see you last night!

  3. Re Headache
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Your CATW Secret-Santa 😉

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