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My triple moon pendant…

I forgot my lunch … again.


I have been contemplating my triple moon pendant. While I adore it (Rob had it custom made for me, several years ago), it can be uncomfortable. The crescent moons are very thin. So they bend and they stab.

For a while I’ve been trying to find a silversmith that does custom work, maybe rework the pendant or at least reuse the moonstone. Each and every person I have contacted via google-fu has not responded to my inquiries. When you have accept custom orders all over your website, you’d think… Anyway, I am talking 2 or 3 dozen artisans here.

My guess is that it’s time for me to move on and maybe find a new pendant?

Don’t know what. Something sturdier with a lunar or oceanic theme.

Editted: Because someone asked, here are a couple of snapshots showing what it looks like… I think it would be easy to polish it up and “mount” on a half dollar sized back. Just need to find someone with the skills and willingness to do it.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe you could hang it up in your car or something so it could still be with you.

  2. Can you post a pic of the pendant? I don’t see why it can’t be mounted on a thin oval of some contrasting background, like dark polished wood, or silver, or something. The backing would prevent the moons from bending, and be smooth against you neck.

  3. You might consider contacting Wyrding Studios. They do some amazing work, and are very very reasonable.

  4. Are there any local people that you can take them to look at it? They’d just need to clip off the rings, sand it back, apply some solder. The main concernt though, I think, is soldering without melting the orginal pendant?

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