I need a nap.

All is well. Just tired, extremely tired. I have three or so more hours to make it through to put I full day in.

Can’t leave early because I left early yesterday.


I’ve updated my Hippie Artisan list. It doesn’t include any yarnies. That would just be too much. 95% are clothing makers. The rest work with jewelry or other interesting stuff.


I am still waffling with NaNoWriMo. I feel I need to, the urge to write has been buzzing. BUT and it’s a big BUT, I have quite a bit of deadline knitting to accomplish by the end of November. I just don’t see them as being compatible. Sigh… There is one story that I feel I need to tell. It just won’t die in the discard pile.


Nigel Slater’s Top 10 Recipes


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