I am not sure if I am getting “sick” or about to have my first “crash” in a long while. Danged chronic fatigue/fibro. I am not in a funk, per se, but not interested in reading.

What not interested in reading? Are you sure you aren’t going crazy.

I know, I know highly irregular for me. But it does happen. So instead of reading anything – blogs, Ravelry, books, etc., this weekend I watched the entire Lord of Rings Trilogy, as well as, disc 2 & 3 of last season’s Numb3rs. While doing said watching, I almost finished the front of the never ending hoodie. Oh! I also finished my Rasta Tam (because I needed the 10.5’s it was on). Have to decide whether to keep it or try to sell it on Etsy. Hmmmm. I don’t have enough hair to warrant it anymore.

Pictures soon. Have to get into the mood to mess with Flickr.

Just so tired, so foggy, so blah at the moment. Blergh, just blergh.

I want to finish The Light Fantastic and start Will Yoga & Meditation Really Change My Life?

Also realized that I don’t have Evolutionary Witchcraft nor any of Phyllis Curott’s books any more. We are also behind on Veggie Tale videos. Yes, I know I am strange. We have discussed this. I am a Zen Quaker Green Witch, an eclectic spiritualist. The joys of being me.

I am going home early. Too all over the place and need to try to sleep.


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  1. Hope you feel better soon!

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