Received Swap Package

Holey Moley Kimmie, what a package. Love it.

Will post pictures later. I have a blinding headache and need to lie down in a dark room but I could not, not say thank you, as soon as I got home.

Kimmie, you’ve been the best. Extremely attentive and you really paid attention. I am especially touched that you sent something special for Ryne. He LOVES those silly teeth.


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  1. I am super Glad..
    Hi I am super glad you liked the package, I hoped you would like everything. It was my first swap and I was really excited to put it together for you. I am still just knitting away on dish cloths and have made my pattern for the goat soap I sent you but its on a rope.. They are really cute and it was inspired by my hubby who requested that I make him one and put a bar of that soap in it. I am taking a knitting class to learn how to do socks next week and to be honest I cannot wait. I hope you start feeling better and your not getting sick, being sick is the worst. Again I loved having tea with you and I hope to keep in touch, I love to read your blogs and love some of recipes you have placed on here, I am going to try a few that I copied and saved. Your son is adorable from his pictures I too have a little one that is 4 and going into kindergarten next fall. He helped me pick out the stuff to send to Ryne and I am happy he liked his hillbilly bubba teeth.. 🙂
    Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.. Kimmie

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