It’s Monday

The phone are really quiet (knock on wood) because (I suspect) most people think we are closed.

So we should get a lot done today.

I have my pay check securely stowed in my purse. And Rob should be getting his bonus check (which will cover our overdraft fees). Ahhh, sigh of relief. I have to see if I can move my phone and Netflix automatic payments so they come out 3 – 4 days later. Although it may not be an issue because we are thinking of using my “extra” check in December to pay our rent early so the “second” check of the month would cover most of the bills and the “first” check would cover the other stuff, instead of the other way around. Good idea, go honey you are so smart. Ever just want to smash yourself in the head for not thinking of that first? LOL

I have two summer squash and some chicken thighs that MUST be cooked tonight. Maybe I’ll find some asparagus and have that all with couscous. I can make corn for Rob and Ryne.

I also need to go yarn hunting for my scarf swap. Get a wig and accessories so I can be a gypsy for Halloween. Hmmm, shopping list is going to be interesting.

Still researching what I am going to do about 401K, still nothing official from company. If the check just shows up in my mail, I am going to be beyond pissed. I will be extremely pissed. Will have to send another email and see if anyone responds. Because I can’t call that is not protocol. Sometimes the Prez drives me nuts. Whateva

The only reason my mood is bitchy is well because, because… I have cramps, enough said.


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