Hair Cuts All Around

Rob has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. He has to go on Tuesday to get fitted for his mask.

After the sticky experience from last time and how hard it was to get the gunk out of his hair from the sensors, he decided to go bald, again. I argued against it. But alas, we have this:

So our intrepid little trooper and ham extraordinaire, decided to go from this:

To the super short this:

His hair has never been this short before!

Never fear, he’ll have curls again by Christmas.

We will not discuss that was found when all the curls were removed. I’ll just say ewwww. And any moms of school aged children will probably guess correctly what was so gross.


4 Responses

  1. Ryne’s a cutie, curls or no curls!

  2. Well… it happens to the best of us.. no matter what we do!
    His curls will be back, just like aaron’s will…

  3. Sorry to hear about Rob. Ryne looks adorable! It really brings out his beautiful eyes!

    • So true, we were watching CSI last night and he looked over at me to ask a question and it struck me how much he looks like a Japanese anime character – all eyes.

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