It never ends

The checks didn’t show up, should be delivered tomorrow.

I will not go postal but this could have ruined my plans completely. Thankful the boss is going to front me my bit of petty cash so I can keep my plans tomorrow and Rob will pick up the check after he gets off work in tomorrow evening. See, see, see… my mom would say. You should not be working for a small company.

Whatever. These little humps in the road are what keep life interesting. I just wish the bumps wouldn’t pile up like this.

Did I mention Rob is home from work because he couldn’t get his car to start? Thankfully he has time to cover it. Poopy head, he knows he shouldn’t park in the drive way when the car isn’t going to move for 3 days. It hates dampness and it was definitely damp this morning.


One Response

  1. Awww… he does look cute! 🙂 But those curls… hehehe.

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