Stitch n’ Bitch

I am thinking about giving up on putting together a weeknight meet. There are almost 50 members in the group and I received 2 responses. One of those responses was from someone I’d already spoken to in person. Ugh.

Well I’ll push a bit more but if I don’t get any response I am going to scrap it. I can do other things with my evening.


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  1. i sowwy 😦 once we move closer, i’d definitely be up for a weeknight meetup.

    • Pfft, not directed at anyone in general. It’s just our group is dead, lol. They complain that Saturdays don’t work but that is it. No chatter, no input, nothing. Frustrated because I could be doing other things on Wed or Thur, so going to give it another week and then if no imput gonna shit can it as my dad would say.

      • I can’t write. That is supposed to say:
        Pfft, not directed at anyone, just my frustration in general.

      • i understand. that’s why i’ve never been the type of person to try to organize things myself. i came to the realization that anytime i’d try to organize anything, no one would be interested…lol. i don’t blame you for being frustrated. see you on saturday?

      • Yep will be there. Hopefully I’ll get some knitting time in before then so that I am not working on the same dishcloth and hat. hehe

  2. I totally know what you’re going through. It’s the same thing when I first started the group. Everyone says Saturday doesn’t work, but no other day works either. Very frustrating! My group here is the oppisite. Everyone always has so much other stuff to do on the weekend and they meet on Wednesday, which now that Nathaniel is here, doesn’t work for me because Nick is usually working. Amanda and I started meeting on Saturday mornings and don’t care if anyone ever joins us. Much less frustration that way! Besides, I enjoy her company and it’s enough for me.
    Good luck with the group. Give it another shot then if there’s just not enough interest, just stick to Saturdays 🙂

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